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Clearing old Vulnerability Assessments


Entry Level
There has to be a better way of clearing old vulnerability assessments.  Currently, to clear old assessments listed under "Current Vulnerabilities" and "Reports" on the Vulnerabilities Overview tab, you must cycle through each page and delete each entry one by one.  This is incredibly time consuming.  I'll be adding a formal feature request for multi-select check boxes and next/previous buttons that don't refresh the page.  In the meantime, where can these be removed in the database and will removing them from the database directly cause any issues with statistics, etc?

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  • I second the call for a feature to select multiple reports for deletion.  HUGE time drain to do it one at a time.
  • I agree!  So frustrating...
  • I came to the site to specifically request this same feature. 
  • SSH to the appliance
    use alienvault;
    select name, scantime from vuln_nessus_reports order by scantime desc;

    This will list your reports that are detailed along the bottom in the GUI in descending order. below is a partially modified output of how these would look

    scan time = year, month, day, hour, minute, second

    | name                                              | scantime       |
    | 552 - SCHEDULED - VULSCAN-location1- WK             | 20180322064658 |
    | 556 - SCHEDULED - VULSCAN-location2-WK            | 20180322062420 |

    From this you could then execute a command to delete entries where the job name = a particular string or everything before a certain date.
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