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Is it normal an high increment in EPS after update to 5.4.3?


New Life Form
Few days ago, I migrated my enviroment (1 USM with two sensors,
receiving log from 102 of 248 monitored assets) from version 5.3.6 to
5.4.3, whole the process took 4 hours. Before migration, the EPS value
reported in Enviroment snapshot, was under about 30 EPS, all the time,
but, after migration, the enviroment's EPS jump to an average of 455
EPS, sustained until now . Is there a change on concept of EPS or this
parameter was wrong before 5.4.3 and is fixed with this update?

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    There have been a number of improvements and changes between 5.3.6 and 5.4.3, but no change to how we report EPS. The most likely explanation is that you either had a datasource not delivering that was not noticed during normal system maintenance, or you had a policy for discarding or handing events which has changed and you are registering events which were previously being discarded.

    The best course of action is to baseline the system to see what the change is in the breakout of events, either from group view, or general configuration review.
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