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Populate FQDN automatically


New Life Form
We have the USM Anywhere running and getting assets in, but none of the assets are populated with their FQDN. DNS is configured with them and we're running most on DHCP. They will respond to nslookups and pings by name or IP. 
Any assistance here would be helpful.


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  • Since I've not heard a thing about this from AV employees, I've opened a case (# 00138160). Will update this with whatever I find out.
  • In version 5.5 I find that a small number of Windows hosts have the hostname correct. My DNS list is much longer than the list of hostnames that resolved correctly in the asset list.
  • So far nothing from AV. Waiting on support still.
  • I too would like to see this working.
  • So far support has been able to do nslookups from the sensor and they have moved it back to developers. Still no idea if a fix is coming or what but they've verified it's not working but should.
  • Whatever came of this? We are seeing the same thing now, and furthermore, deploying an agent to an asset that was already created by a discovery scan results in two assets being present in the environment.

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