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Adding Networks to Scope


New Life Form
Currently, in order to add additional networks to USM Anywhere, I have to go through the sensor's setup wizard and add one network at a time. When a network is added it conducts an initial scan before I can add another network. With the USM Appliance you could enter all networks and set up a seperate scan job.

Can you add the capability to add multiple networks without having to go through the setup wizard?

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  • Hello @jstarke,

       I'm not entirely sure if it is addressing your issue; you can conduct scans via :: {Settings > Scheduler > New Job}.  Scans are based on whatever IP is assigned to the Sensor on the Hypervisor-level. Please let me know if this assists. 


    - kratos
  • Those are scans against networks that are already defined. In order to add new networks you have to go to Settings > Deployment > Configure > (Next x3) > Add Network, then wait for it to scan to add a new network. For small deployments this isn't a big deal, but some clients have 250+ network ranges that have to be input. That's a lot of waiting and manual entry.
  • Hello @jstarke,
       If you have a large number of networks that need to be monitored, it would be the responsibility of your switch to consolidate that traffic; from there the USM can the monitor that traffic. 

       What I mean by this, is that, if you have a single NIC configured for added to a NIC on the USM, that's a lot /24 networks; requiring a large number of NICs.  The SPAN port for your NIC (on the switch) could be configured to consolidate multiple networks; meaning your switch could be configured to SPAN multiple networks (,  for example), and from there, could be added to the USM Anywhere sensor as a /16 network, as opposed to a single /24 per NIC.  Your only limitation is the networking/routing of your switch/firewall. 

       If you've configured your switch correctly, you can simply add those networks (/8, /16, /24) to a specified NIC on your USM.  


    - kratos
  • For NIDS, you're correct. For asset scanning 300 different networks in an enterprise environment, this isn't adequate.
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