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USM Central 2017-12-18 Update


AlienVault Employee
We've updated USM Central with the improvements and defect fixes listed below. You do not need to take any action for this update to take effect. 

  • Password reset request was previously leaking data: The reset request will return a 200 response now regardless of the outcome. 
  • Extend activation links expiration: API token expiration has been increased to 1 week. 
  • Extension of telemetry collection for Central deployments for troubleshooting and internal use. 
  • Kali-1390 Unable to restart join process with Central
  • Kali-1380 Can't update user after password reset
  • Kali-1365 Verification code returned in the password reset email is served in an insecure manner
  • Kali-803 Fix for client connection request issues
  • Kali-1382 Language correction

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