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virtual sensor locks up VMware host


New Life Form

I have had several cases now where my virtual AV sensor
completely compromises my VMWare host.  This is the only guest running on
this VMware host.  This has happened multiple times across several
customers.  I have a VMware support cases open as well and have been
informed that the guest is causing issues on the host to the point that the
entire host needs to be rebooted in order to recover.

 This are very rare occurrences where a VM guest can actually
compromise the VM host that it resides on.  However, this has happened
numerous times with Alien Vault VMs.  You can see from the screenshots
below where my host is compromised and the only virtual instance running on
this box is an Alien Vault sensor.

Has anyone else experienced these issues?  I'm trying to pin down a root cause on what process could be killing my VMware host to the point that I actually need to reboot the entire host.

- Mark

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