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My problem, please help


New Life Form
OSSIM inside vmware inside windows7
Guys is it possible to have ossim inside a vm on a windows 7 to make like a portable platform to sniff networks with snort?
If it is what would be necessary to do?
i taught in doing was like a NAT interface for management and then a
bridge interface for connecting to a port mirror, but i seem to lack
something or maybe is it just impossible?

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  • You will need to enable promiscuous mode on the virtual interface that is used for sniffing the traffic.
  • Hello @tougericdoan,

       It is entirely possible, but not at all recommended. Installing your OSSIM over several different layers is not good practice. You may experience a plethora of performance issues. 

       Please look in to deploying via a hypervisor on a dedicated server. 


    - kratos
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