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Change title string in ossim-setup


New Life Form
I got ossim installed in our organization. I need to customize ossim-setup title to show something more relevant to our organization than Alienvault reconfig string on Apply all changes sub dialogue. I've read the code but there is nothing relevant. Any help?

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  • edited January 13
    Hello @64kbit,

       The AlienVault-Setup Menu is #ncurses, handled by python. Since you already know the service is "ossim-setup", you can check the 'sbin' directory. Per the line, ((found in #/usr/sbin/ossim-setup)), it specifies the base directory is :: 

    CONFIG_FILES_BASE_PATH = "/etc/ossim/"

       Changing directories to #/etc/ossim/, there is a 'menu.cfg' file.  And, voila, there you have it :: 



    - kratos

  • Hi kratos, 
    First of all I need to thank you for your help. I had no clue to ncurses. I thought it's written by a python class called dialogue here: http://pythondialog.sourceforge.net/doc/Dialog_class_overview.html

    yeah as you said I already found the mentioned file menu.cfg and I changed all strings I could. but one thing still there in ossim-setu and it is when you make change and doing apply all changes on the next screen you can see Alienvault reconfig. I need to change this as well. 
  • # find / -iname alienvault-reconfig 


    - kratos
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