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Official download link downloads .iso Debian image


New Life Form
The link to download .iso image of last OSSIM version downloads an Debian .iso image file (Debian 8.2 "Jessie" - Unofficial amd64 DVD Binary-1). Can anyone tell me if there is another place to download the latest .iso to perform a new installation?
Jose Antonio

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  • I have found the problem! When trying to boot with UEFI, the Debian installation splash is displayed. When the UEFI boot is disabled, the OSSIM splash is displayed (With the same USB or DVD). Tested on 5.4 and 5.5
  • Now I have tried to test it in VMware virtual machine, with different result: In Bios mode it boot with OSSIM splash (correctly) but with UEFI no boot is made, in the physical machines that we have tested with UEFI the system boot with Debian splash. (Tested in VMware only with 5.5 .iso image of OSSIM)
  • Hello @gonzalocastro,

       The latest image can be downloaded, below :: 


    - kratos
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