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You've asked a question that now have answers??


New Life Form
keeps popping up whenever I log in to the forum the issue is that when I
go to the question in question there is no place to mark an answer as
answered and the popup won't go away. I've tried it on chrome, firefox,
edge, and IE all with no luck finding any answer button or any way to
mark it as not answered..
This is getting very annoying any help would be great!
Thx, Monti 

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  • edited January 2018

    Under each comment, you should see "Did this answer the question? Yes - No" displayed. Click yes on the comment that answers the post to mark as answered.

    Just Below Here
  • alienvault

    As you can see there is no "Did this answer the question?" on the two that I have that keep popping up only one that that message shows up on is this one...

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