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OTX Trends: Part I


AlienVault Employee
Every year, AlienVault records billions of anonymised security events from our customers. This telemetry can be aggregated to establish macro trends. And for many years, we have also been comprehensively recording other vendors' threat reports in our Open Threat Exchange (OTX) platform. Now you can learn more about these trends in this three part blog series on exploits, malware trends and threat actors.

In Part 1, we'll cover:
  • Which exploits are being reported in vendor reports
  • Which exploits are most popular for Microsoft Windows and Office
  • The list of exploits our customers run into most frequently
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  • edited January 2018
    awesome post, thanks for sharing 
  •  It is interesting to see just how deeply intertwined governments are with the general public  and their personal data in particular the 3 countries named. I am certain the level of attribution is as politically determined as it is scientific. 
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