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Error creating new ticket with special character


New Life Form
I get the error in the attached image everytime I try to create a ticket that contains certain characters.

The specific character that is causing the error is "`". I assume this is due to some database input validation.

The problem is that many vulnerabilitites reported by the scanner contain that character and this bug is preventing me from following a logical workflow.

Has anyone experienced something like this?

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    I appreciate the followup on this one. The Product Management team is looking into this now. This looks like it would be classed as a defect, so I am sure they are going to look at addressig this as quickly as possible.


  • BCrptlg,

    There was a defect generated, and resolved in 5.3.4, for special characters creating issues when placed in the Description of a ticket, but I do not see a record of this for the Title, which I assume is where this is. 

    can you provide a use case for why this would be an issue with following workflow and a specific example of a ticket title which is generating an error so that I can forward it to the Product Management Team for consideration?
  • Hello,

    It is an issue when I try to generate a ticket from a vulnerability report clicking in the "Create Ticket" option.

    The workflow would be:
    1.- Perform a vulnerability scan.
    2.- Check new found vulnerabilities in the HTML report.
    3.- If a vulnerability is relevant, generate a ticket directly from the report, similar to the ones automatically generated.

    With this issue I have to manually go to the ticketing screen and create a new ticket.

    Example of title: "Missing `HttpOnly` Cookie Attribute"

  • Thank you very much for your support.

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