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Add Sensor column to vulnerability scan schedule list


New Life Form
For environments where multiple sensors are available for scans, seeing the sensor assigned to a scan job requires hovering over the entry in the schedule list. When dealing with larger numbers of scans, it is helpful to see the sensor assigned in as a column in the table. 

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  • To do this, in /usr/share/ossim/www/vulnmeter/manage_jobs.php do the following:
    1) around line 604 is an array declaration:
    $arr = array( "name" => "Name", "schedule_type" => "Schedule Type", "time" => "Time", "next_CHECK" => "Next Scan", "enabled" => "Status");
      change this to:
     $arr = array( "name" => "Name", "schedule_type" => "Schedule Type", "time" => "Time", "next_CHECK" => "Next Scan", "servers" => "Sensors", "enabled" => "Status");

    2) around line 741 after the line:   <td><?php echo $nextscan ?></td>
    <td><?php echo $servers ?> </td>

    This will put the column in place. It will not be sortable, but at least you can see the sensor names and get a better idea if you have two scans scheduled for the same sensor at the same time.
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