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Create a MySQL app user


New Life Form
One of our customers recently had an issue were it hit the max number of connections for MySQL. I discovered the limit to be 120,000 which is fine. MySQL is supposed to have 1 slot reserved  for a super user in order to access the server for troubleshooting purposes (max_connections + 1). However, the only user that exist in the MySQL is root and it is a super user. Therefore, when all the connections are in use, no troubleshooting can be done. This is a really bad design that needs to be corrected. You should create a new user, grant all, then revoke super then this user should be used for everything. It can even share the same password for root for all I care, though technically not as secure. But it at least gives people the ability to troubleshoot.

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  • WesGann,

    I moved this post to the USM Appliance category in order to reflect the correct appliance model.

    I have also forwarded this idea to the product mangement team for consideration for a future release.  
  • Thanks kcoe!

    I'm sure it would take some work in order to incorporate this as it would probably require a pretty big change in code. One way I see to incorporate this that would require less changes to the code would be to create a new user account as previously suggested, maybe called "super", granting all privileges to this account, then revoke the super privileges from the "root" user. Going about this way would make for a minimal amount of change to the code. This is, of course, assuming there isn't anything in the code that actually requires the super privileges.
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