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Is the suggested EPS, a limit we should not cross?


New Life Form
I recently started reading and learning about this AV, and i can't help but ask the following:
It states that in USM All-In-One, the Max Data Correlation and Max Data Collection is 1000 EPS for AIO25A, AIO75A and AIO150A, but what happens if We cross this limit? Will the Appliance stop logging/working properly? Consider I have a company that generates about 3000 EPS, does that mean I need 3 sensors deployed to be able to have an efficient deployment?
Thank you for replying.

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    The Max Data Collection is a recommendation based on general use. We do not put hard limits on our devices, but moving beyond this limit you will start to see performance degradation. 

    The effects of bypassing the Maximum EPS can include:
    • Longer load times for the UI
    • Event backlogging/Queueing during peak periods
    • Report delays or delivery issues
    • Maintenance issues (Partitions filling, janitorial processes not completing...)
    If you are concerned about the load on your appliance, you may want to consider discussing this with your account manager to see if they need to scope your install. sometimes, clients grow to the point where they need to consider switching to remote sensors or loggers, which increases maximum performance numbers, but often it is a configuration issue or other resolvable issue which is causing the excess EPS. 
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