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Usernames with Special Characters


New Life Form
Hey there,

I would like to ask if there is a way to include special characters in a username. Consider I already have a user whose username includes "!" or "%". An error pops in the "User" field when I try to add this user while deploying HIDS. Is there a workaround? The user is an admin and changing his username would be troublesome.

Thanks for replying.

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    As I remember, you can do the trick by changing the directive you want in /etc/ossim/server/user.xml file through the cli.

    1) find the good line
    2) do the change in the username field
    3) restart ossim-server



  • Thank you ol.batard for the reply. I will check this path on my deployment, for I don't have OSSIM, I run Alienvault AIO on ESX 6.0.
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