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Suppression Rules using Variables not Working


New Life Form
I am getting multiple "logon", "logoff" and "Special Logon" events a second for at least half my assets where the username is the same as the asset name with a "$" character added at the end. 
For instance, for a host named MY-AWESOME-HOST there are multiple logon events a second where the username is MY-AWESOME-HOST$. I would prefer not to have to create one suppression rule for every host where this happens so I though I'd use the "Assign or Equal" operator to suppress events where the destionation_name is LIKE the username. I have tried rules like this:

(packet_type == 'log' AND event_severity == 'INFO' AND (destination_username contains* [var_destination_name] OR source_username contains* [var_destination_name]) AND destination >> [var_destination])

But all that does is suppress ALL INFO Success events. The documentation on the assign or equal operator is VERY limited. 
Where can I find suggestions on how to leverage variables in my rules? 
Is anybody else facing similar issues where multiple logon events a second are sent to USM where the username is the same as the destination?

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    Hello @alex.useche,

       At this time, REGEX with variable is not a viable function. I would be more than happy to file this as a possible Idea_Request. 


    - kratos


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