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Email Alarm Notifications


New Life Form
I've got AIO and Anywhere instances pointed at Central, but I need Alarm notifications fed from Central into another system via email for tracking and dispositioning. I'm not finding any what to set that up. There must be a way to do that, that I've overlooked, so please help me out.


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  • Hello @scott.goad,

       There is an active Feature_Request with USM_Central to allow users to select an 'Alarm_Notification' within USM Central. At this time, you can individually configure this feature as a "Policy" for USM Appliance and the "Receive_Alarm_Notifications" on USM_Anywhere. 

    Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 12.01.11 PM


    - kratos
  • I have already set up the USM Anywhere to forward emails, but would definitely prefer to have the connection be to the Central instance so that both Appliances and Anywhere would be connected to the external ticketing system.
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