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regex.py - regex checker


New Life Form
Hi, community!

Does enyone know where does regex.py goes? It was very convinient to check if plugin regex is working properly or not. 
I have old version of the script, but it's not working for me now. 
Any other plugin troubleshooting tools/links would be much appreciated. 

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  • I am using
    set it to phyton and it seems to work well
  • Greyhat, I'm using it as well. 
    Regex.py was able to give you events from raw logs using OSSIM plugins. 
    Basically, you can check your regex with regex101, and then you can check your plugins with regex.py. 
    For example you may mess up some DB fields like USERDATA or SRC_IP and OSSIM will silently drop your logs instead of creating DB event record. 
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