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ossim development in the open


New Life Form
Is ossim built in the open where we can partake in the process or is it handed down by AV as is? 
is there an open source code repository for ossim?


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  • Hello @mp,

       We have a URL (and MD5sum) to download the latest OSSIM versions; but do we not have a directory for old versions. We are continually updating OSSIM (and USM) and patch know vulnerabilities and exploits as the product progresses. We cannot condone running vulnerable version of the software, which is why we allow users to download the latest (patched) version, but we do not provide downloads for older versions. Albeit, I'm sure a search engine could find another site hosting that information; but it would not be AlienVault affiliated. 

      (( Found at the bottom of our 'OSSIM download' page )) :: 

       * Source-code direct download :: 
    MD5SUM: e3d04be39497888ab19c1d16b8b9bc6c

    Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 9.19.41 AM


    - kratos 

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