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What file or cron controls the update process for feeds/plugins/etc...


New Life Form
so ive been examining the cron jobs due to the need to better control when the various updates happen, and I cannot seem to determine what calls the various updates. 
I know from my reading that the plugins and feeds update automatically, but what calls them to do this?  what file, cron, or process triggers the updates?
We have set times for this and I need to be able to control this but I either cannot find it in any cron or didn't recognize it.
Any help appreciated 

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  • Hello @jeromec,

       Have you gone to the standard #cron directory to view the different #cron jobs? 

    Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 1.07.33 PM


    - kratos
  • Yes i have, however, in reviewing the files and folders i haven't found anything thats calling alienvault-update in its code, assuming this is the corect thing being called.
    This is why i was asking as either i have missed it, or its something indirect calling it.
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