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AlienVault USM Central v1.4 Functional Release


AlienVault Employee
As of Thursday, June 14th, 2018, USM Central v1.4 is available for all customers. In addition to numerous defect fixes (see below), we've rolled out some exciting new functionality. 

Users now have the ability to generate an API key in-product. For this first release, we've only exposed an Alarms endpoint, but we're looking forward to adding additional capabilities in the coming months. Check out our documentation here or head to the Profile view within your USM Central instance to start your testing today! 

Additionally, you can now start a conversation with me in-product by using our new Intercom widget. We'll use this message service to enable users to provide feedback or ask questions to members of the AlienVault USM Central Product Team and to announce things like upcoming releases. Try it out by clicking the "Mail" icon and let me know your thoughts! We're always looking forward to hearing what you think!


Kali-1839 USM Central not displaying USM Appliance alarms with the default filter
Kali-1849 HTML reports not generating graphsKali-1865 Generating reports crashes in IE and Chrome 
Kali-1718 System event show user logins from connected USM Anywhere instances

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