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Office 365 Get Logs Error


New Life Form
Good day, I'm trying to connect the USM platform with the Office 365.
--- The credenciles are valid
---The application was created on the Azure platform following the instructions:

But it shows me the following error in the Job collector:
This job (ScanOffice365AuditAzureActiveDirectory) has failed: Unable to get Audit Azure Active Directory Events.
This job (ScanOffice365AuditSharePoint) has failed: Unable to get Audit SharePoint Events.
This job (ScanOffice365AuditGeneral) has failed: Unable to get Audit General Events.

Thanks for the help!!


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  • Hello @lucas1727,

       Please reconfigure the app so it is selection all options for Delegated and Application permissions and let me know your endeavors. 



    - kratos
  • Do not forget to "Grant Permissions" 

    - kratos
  • We are having the same issue and have a support case open. So far not making much headway. Wondering if others are experiencing issues with configuration...
  • We had similar issues but we eventually found a 3rd party connector (company name is skyformation) that collects the Office 365 events (and others we need) and send to our USM platform. 
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