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Next button greyed out on log management


New Life Form
Anyone who can tell me what I should do?
The next butten stays grayed out,...

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  • Hello @cybert79,

       I can't say that I've ever used the Setup_Wizard. You could try enabling the Developer_Tools on the Ui of your web browser to see if you can uncover something on the page that is not loading. Alternatively, you can simply "Skip This Step" (or "Skip AlienVault Wizard") and then just configure these Assets to forward logs, later on. You will need to configure syslog forwarding from each individual Asset, anyway. Please let me know your endeavors. 


    - kratos 
  • Cybert79,

    Generally, I agree with Kratos. I usually skip the first run wizard to get better flexibility in configuration.

    In this step, you are able to select sources already sending logs and assign a datasource plugin. The screenshot indicates that all sources have a datasource plugin associated, so there is nothing to select here. You can skip this step ad move on with the config to complete.

    Interestingly, this looks like the first run wizard, but the configuration visible seems to indicate that you have already configured the device. Is this time that you have logged in since installing, or did this come up after installation?

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