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AT&T to Acquire AlienVault


Space invader
Wanted to get my fellow aliens thoughts on this news especially MSSP's. What do you think the long term effects will be on the product?

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  • This is terrible news. We know how this always plays out and it always has without exception, in the past just like with IBM, and Symantec, and CA, and Network Associates; the products become more expensive, more monolithic, they sometimes try to combine their "strengths" (which means they try to shoe-horn products together), and ultimately they become larger and less effective. 
    For myself, our parent company uses another not-so-effective SIEM, and this will be the excuse they use to kick me off the Alienvault USM platform and onboard me to their McAfee SIEM.
  • Guessing that OSSIM will be going away. Too bad. It was the only free solution out there that mostly worked and did a decent job of correlation.

    But then again, maybe this will spur some development and bring the plugins up to date as well as the underlying applications.
  • we expect the same.... so back to the open source roots 

    security onion + openvas + the_helk + the_hive 
    on top a graylog or mozdef system 
  • We can hope it turns out to be ok, but maybe it is time to start looking at an alternative solution that works the same?  Or fork the OSSIM code to make AlienStash.  We can sell it to Verizon later.
  • Disappointing, but inevitable.  I can hope this simply increases the features and functionality, but the most likely result will be increasing cost and decreasing value.
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