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Is it possible to merge assets?


New Life Form
Hi there,

Sorry I am new to AlienVault and still in the discovery phase with the product, but wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction?

I have a number of assets that are in effect duplicated based on their name (for example, server01 and server01.domain) - I am happy to delete the errant asset, but it will lose the information that is currently held against it - is there a way in which I can merge the two records?

Many thanks in advance,


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    The events are historical so should remain stored but removing the duplicate asset should be an option. I would recommend confirming which of the two asset names matches the DNS record for that host. 

    With correct resolve you should see the asset name match the fqdn record for that host and simply get updated on each asset scan that is run.

    This may avoid recurrence.


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