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Sensor is eating its ram and swap when running a custom report.


New Life Form
Hi, After running a custom report (may not be related) this morning, the server now eats it's ram until 64gb of ram and 16gb of swap is exhausted.

This persisted after reboot, but resolved it self after 4-5 hours.
celeryd and mysql look to be using it.

Does anyone else see this occur?

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  • StefanKahn,

    I have moved this case to the USM Appliance topic as USM Anywhere does not run Mysql and celeryd.

  • StefanKahn,

    I cannot tell you exactly what job was holding up the system, but it does sound like a scheduled task or report was failing and restarting repeatedly. If this happens again, you may be able to get more data on what is using the resources by connecting to the DB and ring the sql command "show processlist;" to see what processes were using the most resources.

    This would help determine what may be causing the issue.
  • I will try to recreate it today.
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