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Killing a scan in progress


New Life Form
How do i can cancel a scan job that has been scanning for the last three days?

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  • AngeloStizz,

    This sounds like a phantom scan, as it is not possible to set a timeout that long for a vulnerability scan.

    Can you specify which product you are referring to?
  • You can save the results of the failed scan by marking it as complete (C) and setting the report ID in the database.

    Hovering over the scan in the web UI will display the Job ID (`id`) to use in the query below. 
    The report ID is the report ID of the scan initiated prior to the failed scan + 1. 

    # ossim-db

    mysql> Update `alienvault`.`vuln_jobs` SET `status`='C', `report_id`='123' WHERE `id`='456' and `name`='SCHEDULED - YOUR FAILED SCAN';
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