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How long is OSSIM going to last under AT&T


Little green alien
Has AT&T undertaken to maintain and develop OSSIM as a free platform after it's acquisition of AlienVault?
is it time we all need to start saving up lots and lots of money to pay
for what is bound to be an ultra expensive platform that will do
precisely the same job!
When SourceFire was 'acquired' by
Cisco there was an undertaking to maintain the SNORT platform but I am
guessing that no such 'deal' will have been done regarding OSSIM.

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  • We are excited for the support of ATT as we look ahead to the next stage of AlienVault.  As stated in the press release,  ATT’s stated intention is to continue investing in all of AlienVault’s products.  OSSIM and the support of its community has been a critical part of AlienVault’s success to date and we will continue that long into our future.

     - Alex
  • I hope that proves true but based on past performance by AT&T I doubdt it highly. Im guessing a year or two from now ossim will be a thing of the past and most of us who dont have thousands of dollars to shell out will have moved on to other platforms. I work in the telecom industry and AT&T is by far the worst ever, both in their telcom offerings and in how they gut their new holdings- keeping the top 10% of profitability and throwing everything (and everyone) else in the garbage heap. I hope this time is different but 20 years of history says otherwise
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