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AlienVault® USM Appliance™ for Security Engineers (AUSE) Question(s)


New Life Form
Hi all,

I was wondering whether anyone has done either the AUSE training course and or the examination and would be willing to share his/her experience.
Last year I considered taking this course, after working with Alienvault for quite some time however, I feel maybe the training is not really required anymore as I could also just attempt the certification test right away. 

Even then, with the amount of updates (or lack of) we have had there, would even this be considered a solid investment anymore? I feel the USM appliance is getting less and less love as time progresses.

Anyone able/willing to share some insight :)?

Kind regards,


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    I have done my ACSE (AlienVault Certified Security Engineer), I have found that hands on experience is more important than the classes.  As someone who actually helped create the ACSE exam, we designed it that way.  The classes will give you a good overall coverage of what all could be on the exam but you really need to be hands on everyday to really get to know it, just taking the class will not give you the knowledge you need to pass the exam.  It is a tough exam but it just shows that the ones who pass it really know their stuff.
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