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ALARM_ID in Email Template


New Life Form
I'm looking for an effective way to tie an Alarm in an external system back to the specific alarm on the Appliance. An easy way would be if there was an ALARM_ID field in the email template that could be included. I don't think it is there in the other fields in the email template. The EVENT_ID gets you to the directive that created the alarm, but not the actual alarm. Any pointers would be appreciated.


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  • You could enable the alarms to create tickets, within the ticket it puts in the link to alarm.  It would be nice to be have this in the an option for the email.
  • I'm using the Action "Send an email" with "only if it is an Alarm" to create the email message. The email doesn't have a link to the Alarm that I can see, so still looking for ALARM_ID field ...  
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