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The plugin list is no longer available


New Life Form
edited September 2018 in AlienVault USM Appliance > Sensor
Hello I'm new to alienvault, I installed the siem a few weeks ago, since a few days I no longer have the opportunity to set a plugin on a host. When I click on the asset, and I want to edit a plugin, I have the message "can not get the plugin from the sensor" "no plugin food" and I no longer have the selection of the plugins I had from the beginning ... ? Would you know where it can come from? 


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  • kgn,

    I moved this post from USM Anywhere to USM Appliance for you, as the product screenshots above are OSSIM or USM Appliance. 

    The issue you are experiencing is related to a Sensor connectivity issues. The sensor to which the asset is assigned is not reachable, so the server is unable to retrieve the plugin list, nor the list of assigned per asset plugins.

    This could be related to an IP configuration issue, A problem with the Alienvault API, or a firewall/route issue if the sensor is remote. Another remote possibility is that a dummy sensor (netflow receiver) was added and the asset or network accidentally assigned to it.

    IF you are unable to fid the source of the API communications issue, and this is USM Appliance, please open a support case so that a support engineer can connect to the unit and look into the issue further.
  • Small back, I solved my problem, the problem was that I had disabled ssh access for ROOT on my OSSIM server, and create another user with SSH rights .. So.. beginner error!
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