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Vulnerability scans taking forever


New Life Form

For several months already, vulnerability scans don't work properly. Jobs that used to complete in a couple of hours now take forever to complete or end in a timeout. After researching the problem with strace and lsof, I have found behaviour that matches exactly what is reported in:


From the discussion, it is a known bug in the plugin scheduler in openvas-scanner that remained dormant until triggered by some feed changes.

The permanent solution is to upgrade to a later openvas-scanner version. There is, however, the possibility of backporting the fix in https://lists.wald.intevation.org/pipermail/openvas-commits/2017-May/028439.html

I have the impression that the upcoming Alienvault 5.6.1 version will still come with openvas-scanner-5.0.4 and, thus, the breakage will continue.

Anyone has any information?

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  • I have successfully backported the fix to the openvas-scanner version that alienvault uses (5.0.4). Now scans behave properly again.

    I'll submit the fix through support, though I don't find that this kind of feedback is acted on very promptly. Anyone experiencing this problem, contact me for the fix.

  • Hi Eiaccb, could you share this fix as i am also experiencing this problem.


  • We are also seeing this issue across most of our customers.  Scan jobs are timing out after 960 mins when they only used to take 200-300 minutes.  Can anyone share a fix for this ?


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