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OSSIM 5.6.0 is slooower than 5.3.2 in the same VM, why?


Entry Level

I usually run OSSIM under VirtualBox (actually I'm using VirtualBox 5.2.14 x64) for testing purposes. I run it using 4GB and 1CPU.

Some days ago I've downloaded version 5.6.0 and installed in the same way that 5.3.2.

Well, it runs and start very slow. If I logon using SSH or console, main menu takes forever to appear. After jailbreak and in the command line, I've seen that tasks like reloading NVT in OpenVAS have an ETA of several hours instead of minutes like in 5.3.2.

All of this is without initial configuration from the web interface, so vanilla installation here.

Do you know what could be the cause of this change and sloweness?


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  • Could it be something related to these Celery workers being created again an again?

  • 5.6.0 is very broken... make sure you update to 5.6.6 (I think this is the latest at time of writing) which should fix a bunch of stuff
    Hopefully AlienVault with change the ISO so it's the working version real soon
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