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plugin (bind) is not running


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2018-11-11 16:26:36,581 Watchdog [DEBUG]: Checking process rsyslog for plugin bind.
2018-11-11 16:26:36,607 Watchdog [DEBUG]: plugin (bind) is not running
2018-11-11 16:26:36,618 Watchdog [DEBUG]: plugin (bind) is enabled

i chechek the rsysylog.conf, the file ownership (/var/log/bind.log), at tought that rsyslog starts running as root but then drops privileges and runs as user syslog (configuration directive $PrivDropToUser). but always the same problem.
my Bind plugins is customized but it was working fine, now only one event type is generated "
DNS (Bind) - General: Type lame-servers".

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