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Plugins Feed Update - 2018-11-14


AlienVault Employee
edited November 2018 in AlienVault USM Appliance > Plugins

USM Appliance Plugins Feed Release Notes

New plugins available
  • Added new plugin for Bitdefender GravityZone (bitdefender-gravityzone).
  • Added new plugin for CyberX XSense(cyberx-xsense).

Issues fixed
  • Updated Cisco Router (cisco-router) plugin to support events with a new date format.
  • Updated Stonesoft StoneGate (stonegate) plugin to parse new Forcepoint NGFW events (formerly Stonesoft StoneGate).
  • Updated Trend Micro InterScan Messaging Security (trendmicro) plugin to support new IMSVA format events.
  • Updated Citrix Systems NetScaler (citrix-netscaler) plugin to parse correctly "source_ip" in some events and add new rules to parse new events.
  • Updated AlienVault-HIDS (ossec-single-line) plugin to capture full account name for reset user password events and parse Mail Scanner spam events.
  • Updated McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (mcafee-epo) plugin to add a sid in the sql file.
  • Updated WatchGuard XTM Series (watchguard) plugin to parse blocked sites events.
  • Updated FireEye MPS (fireeye) to parse IPS events fields.
  • Updated Fortinet FortiGate (fortigate) plugin to handle H-worm.Botnet events.
  • Updated Check Point FireWall (fw1-alt) plugin to populate new event names rather than the generic one.
  • Updated Juniper Networks SRX Series (juniper-srx) plugin to support new RFC 5424 format.
  • Updated Websense Web Security Gateway (websense7) plugin to parse LDAP user blocked with LoginId information.
  • Updated Oracle Database Server (oracle-syslog) plugin to parse new events.
  • Updated Symantec Endpoint Protection (symantec-epm) plugin to improve some rules.
  • Updated Trend Micro Deep Discovery Inspector (trendmicro-ddi) plugin to support Callback to IP address events.
  • Updated Palo Alto Networks Traps (paloalto-traps) plugin to support Traps Cloud Management Service events.

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  • Added new plugin for Bitdefender GravityZone (bitdefender-gravityzone).

    Is there somewhere I can get more information on this? We use this plug-in and keep out Alienvault updated, but haven't seen anything with the plug-in changing. It is the same version. Has some feature been added or changed? I would love some more information on this.
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