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Patch release 4.3.2


New Life Form
edited November 2015 in Release Notes
Change Log - AlienVault USM v4.3.2 only

- Fixed: Wrong log directory permissions on machines migrated from v3 to v4
- Fixed: Logger doesn't compress the raw logs
- Fixed: Cannot display raw logs - error in the month field ("u" not allowed)
- Removed deprecated contact support form
- Fixed: Agent's dictionary files do not shrink when assets are removed from the DB
- Security: Fixed possible xss in logger query parameter
- Improved product registration error messages

Change Log - AlienVault OSSIM v4.3.2 and AlienVault USM v4.3.2

- Fixed: OpenVAS scanner stops running in 1%
- Adding more than 1 ntp server should not be allowed from UI
- Fixed: Unable to forward using VPN
- Fixed: Alienvault Rserver sync does not work over VPN
- Fixed: Web displays an error in HIDS view when no sensor is inserted
- Fixed: PRADS plugin does not parse timestamp, causes errors in Agent
- Fixed: fprobe doesn't send to the right host/port
- Agent error: Unable to read plugin configuration (malwaredomainlist-monitor)
- Default networks should not be automatically inserted after updating a platform without networks configured
- Vulnerabilities count mismatches between vuln section and asset details
- Fixed memory leak on ossim-server when managing unknown plugin_sid's
- Fixed memory leak on correlation backlog expiration
- Fixed: ossim-server does not forward events to more than one USM
- Fixed: OSSEC package missing dependency configuration in Sensor profile
- Fixed: OSSEC Events show IP values
- Fixed: OSSEC single line generic rule doesn't use destination field
- Fixed: [OSSEC] DST_IP is not captured for "Excessive number of events" log entry
- Fixed: [OSSEC] DST_IP is not captured for "Windows Logon Success" log entry
- Fixed: [OSSEC] Tomcat dst_ip is not captured
- Fixed: OSSEC plugin does not parse all messages.
- Fixed: ossec-single-line plugin doesn't catch hostnames with '-' character properly
- Fixed: ossec-single-line plugin does not parse auth logs correctly
- OSSEC Integrity checksum issue
- Limit of ossec agents increased
- Fixed: No pagination in OSSEC for agentless page
- Fixed: Ossec Server IP is configured wrongly when VPN is enabled
- Fixed: User without manager privileges can't see the dashboards
- Fixed: Netflows graphs display "any protocol" information only
- Fixed: PRADS plugin falsely creates new assets
- Fixed: Error when editing "Manage event references"
- Fixed:Problem when configuring local sensor to report using its VPN address in AllinOne profiles
- Fixed: Updating the Sensor VPN IP also modifies the priority value
- Fixed: Web doesn't check smb credentials when the password contains special characters
- Fixed issue with the nagios remote viewer
- Fixed: Blank page in UI after changing the ntop interface
- Fixed: Desktop notifications don't work for new alarms
- Fixed: No data found in assets inventory tree
- "Priority Threshold" configuration issue
- Fixed: Password is spelt wrong in Ldap configuration
- Fixed: From/to host matching in correlation ignores hosts
- Fixed: From/to negated host matching in correlation doesn't work
- Fixed: Scheduled reports do not attach the report
- Fixed: Keywords not populating in email message when creating an action
- Fixed: 'New Ticket" (Action) problems under Alarms -> View Grouped panel
- Fixed: Wrong syntax check error (invalid character) in 'Asset Search'
- Fixed: Assets tree shows weird network association
- Taxonomy info issue when cloning a Directive
- Fixed: ParserLog (ossim-agent) can catch only a part of the lines (without \n)
- Apache errors found related to "timeline analysis on Siem console"
- Fixed: Firefox (v22) ask to remember your password when using the Search option
- Fixed: Firefox (v22) doesn't reload the web after creating a new directive
- Fixed: Firefox (v22) not show the back button on sensor details
- Fixed: Problem importing network csv file
- Fixed: The Remote Interfaces web form is too large
- Fixed: Apache error 500 in "Sensor status" section
- Fixed of several typos in the Web User Interface
- Security fix: Improved validation in several forms to provide consistent processing of user submitted data"'

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