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Minor error in a vulnerability scan scripts


New Life Form

I am never sure where the correct place to share this info is so hopefully I have it right this time.

We found an error in one of the Vulnerability scan scripts. 
I found the script in 

In the section that tests winVista:3, win2008:3, it is looking for file version 6.0.6002.23000-7.0.6002.23639
I think it should be 6.0.6002.23000-6.0.6002.23639

I changed it locally, but we have not tried to re-scan yet. I don't know if I need to update the file gb_ms15-031.nasl.asc also or if it will be overwritten by later updates. Is there a place to go to report these upstream? Do I need to report it to the OpenVAS instead?


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  • We are found a problem with script 11217.

    The scanner reports that we have MS SQL version 2000 and 2005. I think the problem is on the loop at line 306:

     for (i = 0; i < MSSQL_MAX-1; i = i + 2) {
        register_and_report_cpe(app:"mssql", ver:value, base:MSSQL_LIST[i+1], expr:MSSQL_LIST[i]);

    The variables are defined on line 200-202:

    MSSQL_LIST = make_list("^(8\..*)", "cpe:/a:microsoft:sql_server:2000",
                           "^(9\..*)", "cpe:/a:microsoft:sql_server:2005");
    MSSQL_MAX = max_index(MSSQL_LIST);
    I think they forgot to check if the version matches the regex. 
    Also, they do not define names for the versions past SQL server 2005

    I would have just said that this is out of date, but it says that it was last edited Fri, 10 Aug 2018.

    So, someone did something to it, but I don't know what they did or where to report this issue.
  • Update for the last comment:

    We found that 11217 was already set to not run in the profile that we use. So an upstream update must have found this one to be a false positive and turned it off. 

    So, ignore my last comment. 
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