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Plugins Feed Update - 2018-12-18


AlienVault Employee
Plugins Feed Update - 2018-12-18

USM Appliance Plugins Feed Release Notes

Issues fixed

  • Updated Trend Micro Deep Discovery Inspector (trendmicro-ddi) plugin to parse new LEEF format logs.
  • Updated HP Switch (hp-switch) plugin to add destination address for invalid login events.
  • Updated Synology DiskStation (synology) plugin to support new file events.
  • Updated Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Security Management (o365-asm) plugin to support impossible travel alerts.
  • Updated Eset (eset) plugin to support bad character at Audit_Event events.
  • Updated Ruckus ZoneDirector (ruckus) plugin to add missing SIDs and improved parsing.
  • Updated Thycotic Software Secret Server (secret-server) plugin to fix bad character in the sql file.
  • Updated AlienVault-HIDS (ossec-single-line) plugin to parse Changed Account Name field, to parse hostname correctly and to fix a typo in SIDs file.
  • Updated Palo Alto Networks (paloalto) plugin to correctly parse source ip address for global protect configuration events and to parse new HTTP SQL Injection Attempt events.
  • Updated Huawei Enterprise Router (huawei-router) plugin to parse state changes and new node events.
  • Updated Symantec Endpoint Protection (symantec-epm) plugin to parse correctly events that are identified as generic.
  • Updated CyberX XSense (cyberx-xsense) plugin to support single digit day in date and improved plugin parsing.
  • Updated Huawei NG-Firewall (huawei) plugin to support new USG5520S events.
  • Updated Netwrix Auditor (netwrix-activity-nxlog) plugin to support dates with single digits and extra blanks.

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