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Plugins Feed Update - 2019-01-08


AlienVault Employee
Plugins Feed Update - 2019-01-08

USM Appliance Plugins Feed Release Notes

New plugins available
  • Added new plugin for Cisco Prime (cisco-prime).
  • Added new plugin for Symantec Encryption (symantec-encryption).

Issues fixed
  • Updated McAfee Anti-Spam (mcafee-antispam) plugin to parse new CEF and key value events.
  • Updated Radware APSolute Vision (radware-apsolute) plugin to parse certificate, gateway status, and more security events.
  • Updated Oracle Database Server (oracle-syslog) plugin to differentiate between success and failure login events.
  • Updated Symantec Endpoint Protection (symantec-epm) plugin to support new Sonar risk events.
  • Updated Cisco FirePower (cisco-firepower) plugin to avoid logs matching with wrong regex.
  • Updated Microsoft IIS Internet Information Services NXLog (iis-nxlog) plugin to add IIS-NXLOG tag to avoid non IIS events being parsed as generic IIS events.
  • Updated Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection (azure-atp) plugin to parse msg field and added missing SIDs.
  • Updated OpenLDAP OpenLDAP (openldap) plugin to parse OpenLDAP new format logs.
  • Updated Aruba Networks ClearPass (aruba-clearpass) plugin to parse new Transfer backup logs.

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