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Patch Release v4.3.3


Little green alien
edited November 2015 in Release Notes
Change Log - AlienVault USM v4.3.3 only

- Improve mongodb periodic host snapshot performance
- Fixed: problem when adding entities for an user
- Fixed: HA replication can't make mysql backup (space problem)
- Fixed: When a logger in HA change is not possible to see the remote logger from the SIEM
- Fixed:HA replication deletes rsa keys from both servers
- Fixed: Mysql replication is broken by ossim-reconfig because the ip allowed for the user replication is changed
- Fixed: Execution of the HA ssh-copy-id script is forbidden by lshell (illegal command inside)
- Fixed: Ossim-reconfig --mysql_replication doesn't stop Cron process
- Fixed: The support script doesn't capture the server log
- Fixed: Sensor fails to send events to the lower priority server when the higher one fails
- Fixed: Trying to activate a trial using an expired email doesn't show any error
- Fixed error when checking from web UI internet connection through proxy
- Fixed error when getting license through proxy
- Fixed: Proxy configuration files are not written in alienvault-reconfig
- Fixed: Invalid 'Success' message when activating license through a proxy
- Fixed a problem when creating custom filter into raw logs
- Fixed: The resend alarms from custom directives doesn't inherit the alarm taxonomy
- Fixed: Problem with predefined search into logger filter
- Fixed: Logger doesn't show expected events after executing a query for a deleted host
- Fixed: Problem with the Forwarder handling the cache
- Fixed: Incorrect agent version when it has only two components x.y
- Minor typo in USM reports
- Fixed: Incorrect "pie" graph with more than 1 module
- Fixed: Adding event types to a DS group from the SIEM view fails
- Change path of mysql error log in the support script

Change Log - AlienVault OSSIM v4.3.3 and AlienVault USM v4.3.3

- Increase PHP session maximum life time
- Fixed error in monitor rules
- Fixed: Agent cannot parse monitor rule commands from the server
- Fixed: Sending new alarms to syslog option from web interface doesn't work
- Fixed: snmpd wrong configuration autogenerated by ossim-reconfig
- Typo in the AlienVault Center command help
- Fixed: Nmap-monitor events appear on web with wrong time
- ossim-server init script fail because incorrect parsing or flawed logic
- Fixed: Updating vpn connected sensors through alienvault center doesn't work
- Fixed: The upgrade process using alienvault-center proxy does not work
- Conflicting Emerging's rules for Suricata and Snort should be disabled by default
- Fixed: Array validation can be skipped using OSS_NULLABLE
- Fixed: The same network can be defined multiple times using different octet combinations
- Fixed: Defining the same port multiple times produce a DB error
- Fixed: Defining the same host multiple times with different octet combinations makes the hosts take IP
- Fixed: ossim server doesn't load directives than uses a negated port
- Threat Intelligence Data Source 'Add New Group' link issue has been fixed
- Fixed: Advanced Search allows creating any kind of query when user is admin
- Fixed: When an user deletes data sources from DS Group, web deletes permanently without confirmation
- Fixed incorrect query in the framework
- Fixed: Invalid proxy user and pass written in curlrc file
- Security fixes (XSS) in Web User Interface
- Scheduling nmap scans of multiple network issue
- Fixed: OCS default scheduled task not launched
- Fixed: Error when another user try to change the details of the admin user
- Fixed: Rendering problem in Web Interface: Deployment status - active inventory
- Fixed: Cannot delete events from web interface
- Fixed: Don't set directive events as alarm until qualification is calculated
- Fixed: Error returned reviewing events from dashboard TOP graphs
- Fixed: Update notice displayed in Center for old machines (uuid not in DB)
- Fixed OSSIM report: user activity doesn't work
- Fixed: Vulnerabilities Report doesn't show hostname of scanned machines properly
- Fixed: Blank page displayed after selecting "French" as language of the Web Interface (Firefox)
- Minor typo in Web User Interface
- Fixed: Missing OTX info at Source/DST tabs
- Typo in web user interface (error message)
- Fixed: Agentless OSSEC incorrectly configures use_su for Cisco config checks
- Fixed: Directive editor doesn't accept symbols
- Fixed Javascript error (GB_onclose2 undefined)
- Fixed: Problem with the ticket mail notification
- Prads memory leak on connection deallocation fixed
- Prads memory leak on get_app_name fixed

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  • Is this a patch for version 4.3.3 which is 4.3.4 or is this the release notes for patch 4.3.3?  A little confused on this since it was just posted yesterday and 4.3.4 was release yesterday .
  • when there will be the possibility to set up a different retention period for different types of logs? like ids 2 mounth and firewal only 24 h ?

    there are some plans for upgrading the correation method, for example for negation rules or conditional rules?
  • We are running 4.3.4, and it appears to have a memory leak.

    Over a 24-36 hour period I have watched the memory usage increase, followed by swap usage increase, followed by server instability.

    Is this 4.3.3 a patch that I can apply, or is this already applied because I am running 4.3.4?
  • Hi Russ,

    This is Sandip.
    Is mango DB available in this release? and do we just need to configure it?

    Or do we need to install it manually?


  • The alienvault ossim 4.3 system contains mongodb database?

This discussion has been closed.