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SNMP and Plugins


Space invader
I need help understanding how a plugin can reference the MIBs from SNMP traps.  So I have all the MIBs in /usr/share/snmp/mibs but how does a plugin go about using this information?  Is this even possible?  Does anyone have a plugin sample that they could share that I could work from?

I have the SNMP traps coming in and going to the proper log file but now how do I go about translating this information into human readable form that can be used in OSSIM?

Writing plugins is not bad but this is my first one using SNMP and it has me stumped.

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  • @hitman to which conf file did you add the MIBS? Since I'm also having problem interpreting the snmptraps
  • I did this in one of my plugins. Using regex to break the mac address into chunks and then:

  • @hitman indeed, i am having trouble identifying MIB conf file?
    Which is it you are refering to?

  • Could you provide a walk through on what process you utilized, new to the world of OSSIM?
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