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Unable to add new sensor - Cannot add system with IP xx.xx.xx.xx.


New Life Form
Hi All, I have just rebuilt one of my sensors with 4.8.0 from the new ISO, I cannot seem to add it into the sensors on the server.
When in Alienvault Centre > Sensors I get the prompt to add in the new sensor, I put in the root pw and then get the error message: Cannot add system with IP xx.xx.xx.xx. Please verify that the system is reachable and the password is correct.
I can SSH into the box using root and the same PW so I know its right.
Anyone see this before and know how to fix it?
Thanks in advance

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  • Tried with a 4.6.0 iso as well, same issue.
  • edited June 2014
    I have the same problem..
    But when i do "discard" on my new sensor, and i had this manually, it's work but i don't have my sensor in alienvault-center.
  • @vidian have you find any fix for that ? i have added a sensor manually but as you reported it doesnt appear in Alienvault center
  • I have always the problem.. I have do a new install on my ESX and it's works. I had the problem when i do a Install a VM on VirtualBox and clone the VM on a ESX ..
  • same issue. any fix for this?
  • Most likely caused by an invalid entry in the known_hosts file for user root or avapi (or possibly both), especially if this is a rebuild. You can identify the exact line in known_hosts by ssh'ing as root to your sensor from your server. Also su avapi and ssh as avapi to your sensor.
  • Gah I missed the avapi but found the known_hosts issue. I'll have to check to see if that is the issue after the reinstall.
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