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Detect CentOS virtual machine within the same network in VMware


Big Time
edited June 2014 in AlienVault USM Appliance > Sensor
Hi guys!

I am currently facing difficulty in discovering the CentOS virtual machine in OSSIM. Currently what I did was edit the IPv4 of the CentOS machine to make it as the same network as Debian (OSSIM) machine. I also change the CentOS netwrok connection to Host-only connection. Is this sufficient for OSSIM to detect my CentOS machine? or is there other software there I need to install?

Thank You

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  • Are both vms on the host-only network? As long as they are on the same network OSSIM should be able to detect your CentOS vm with a NMAP scan.
  • yes they are on the host-only network. So I presume that they are on the same network right?
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