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Vulnerability Email Reports


Big Time
edited June 2014 in AlienVault USM Appliance > Sensor
Hi All,

Hope you can help. I am trying to configure Alien Vault to send the results of the vulnerability scans through emails.
I have entered the credentials for the SMTP server in the console and selected the option to send email when selecting the vulnerability scan.
After the scan has finished no email is sent. From the Alien Vault console I can send an email by typing echo | mail -s"test email" [email protected]

Is there something I can check to see if a mail was sent? (go easy on me I'm a Windows engineer ;) )

Can anyone help?

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  • Update - I can send from reports from the reporting Alarms Report tab
    Alarms Report
    Top 10 Attacker Host
    Top 10 Attacked Host
    Top 10 Used Ports
    Top 15 Alarms
    Top 15 Alarms by Risk
  • It seems you would have to do a minor workaround where you fetch the report in html from the ossim server and then email it via a script.
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