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Problem adding agent.


Big Time
Hi guys!

I encounter problem running ossec on centos at the virtual machine environment. I install the ossec agent on centos and I extract the key and try to run but it seems that OSSIM did not capture the information. When I go to the detection section, it says never connected. Is there something that I do wrong?

The things that I have done:

1) Add the agent on OSSIM web interface
2) After adding, I went to install the OSSEC on CentOS
3) After install, I extract the key from OSSIM and paste it on the OSSEC on CentOS
4) After which, I save the key and went to OSSIM and see that it is not running. and it mention that I cannot remote access to it when I try restarting the agent from OSSIM.

Is there something that I do wrong? or anything might have gone wrong?

Thank You

On short note, I believe the ip address is correct because I have done a vulnerability scan on this CentOS and it can detect and generate a report for it. So I believe the IP address is correct. I have gone through the steps that I have found on the internet but still fail. So I would really appreciate help from the community in this forum. Really Thank You

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Best Answers


  • edited June 2014
    after adding the key to the agent you need to start the ossec control

    #in the agent

    /var/ossec/bin/ossec-control start

    and it will be connect to the server
  • Yup I start and restart.... but it still shows never connect..... I just found out that the OSSIM my ossec service is down... is that possibly the reason?
  • Great link! Really appreciate it!
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