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Fresh Install is auto discovering?


Entry Level
I just installed the virtual appliance in our vmware environment. After skipping the initial config I noticed that is going out on the network and starting to discover everything it can find without me telling it to. Is this normal or expected behavior? I thought it may have been something I did until I ran the rebuild_db command and started over and got the same results. Its currently our discovering whatever it can.

I was not able to find a place to stop the current scan, it says there are no scans running.

Can someone help a ossim newb out and explain to me whats going on here?

I appreciate your time.

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  • Maybe it is the prads plugin, it is enabled by default and detects passively hosts.

    Try to disable it in Configuration -> Deployment -> -> Sensor Configuration (on the right) -> Collection

    Just for curiosity, where did you read that it is possible to use rebuild_db?

    Thank you
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