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USM Showing Times in the Future


Big Time
2014-11-05 22:53:51
2014-11-05 22:53:51
2014-11-05 22:53:31
2014-07-11 08:50:01
2014-07-10 13:58:09

My real-time USM GUI is showing these logs all concurrently. The date on my system(where I'm running USM) is: Thu Jul 10 13:58:50 PDT 2014. Any idea as to why this is happening? I checked and all the clocks are synchronized. Out of the box USM was in Eastern Time so I changed /etc/ossim/agent/config.cfg to Pacific and I also ran dpkg-reconfigure tzdata and set it to Pacific. I'm wondering if I missed a file or something?

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Best Answer

  • What is the time on those events. If you look at the raw syslog, what dates are there?


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