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Configure OSSIM

edited December 2012 in Installation
hi all!
to view the configuration settings OSSIM????

Best Answers

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    In AlienVault 4 you can see in the left panel, Configuration > System Configuration, here you can see your network configuration, load of the server, etc

    In the pro version this section is called AlienVault Center and you can see all systems of the deployment
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    it's much easier to use the web UI, but the basic settings for ossim will be in /etc/ossim/ossim_setup.conf and /etc/ossim/agent/config.cfg


  • thank you!
    but I
    want to ask what command in Debain, not in web interface.
  • Are you talking about alienvault-setup? 
  • thanks lanHayes, that's what I want to ask, but when I type so that it notifies:no such file or directory
  • at first I install Ossim on the vmWare, then I installed the new Win, still use the old Ossim installed
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