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Is there a current bug/issue with using a csv to import Assets?


New Life Form
I attempted to bulk import assets from a csv but received the following error: "Headers not found". Anyone else come across this? 



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  • Does your csv have a header? This is what an export from assets looks like:

    "IPs";"hostname";"FQDNs";"Description";"Asset value";"Operating System";"Latitude";"Longitude";"Host ID";"External Asset";"Device Type"
    Please use the same header and format in your import file.
  • In my initial attempt before making the post, I used the export to see what I needed and created the csv as such. I still received the error stated above. Are the quotes e.t.c needed in the header as well as the other entries in the csv?


  • Yes, the quotes are needed. In terms of the data though, only the IP address is mandatory, but you still need to put in all the empty quotes. For example:

    "IPs";"hostname";"FQDNs";"Description";"Asset value";"Operating System";"Latitude";"Longitude";"Host ID";"External Asset";"Device Type"
  • I made an attempt but it failed. I actually did an export edited the IP address and tried to import the modified export file and it still failed.
  • What error did you get? The same "headers not found" error?
  • Yes the same error.
  • That's really strange. Can you email me your file so I can try it on my VM?
  • Don't use Excel as your CSV editor, it does strange things and I got the exact same error. Use notepad+ or another CSV editor. I also had luck creating the file in notepad, then changing the file extension to .csv, but you cannot open the file with excel, or it will be ruined.
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